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A computerized merchandising system useable by a corporation associated with a group of stores selling goods, the system acting not only to induce a consumer to purchase these goods, but also to induce this consumer to buy shares of stock issued by the corporation, for either choice is to his possible advantage. On the site of each store is a satellite computer which prints out and supplies a certificate to a buyer who pays its face value. The certificate is redeemable within a specified period, and when redeemed then entitles the buyer either to acquire from any one of the stores, goods whose total sales price is equal to the face value of the certificate, or to acquire shares of stock in the corporation whose market value at the time the certificate was purchased was then equal to its face value. If therefore the market value of the shares at the time of redemption has appreciated above the face value of the certificate, the buyer stands to gain by acquiring the shares. But the buyer cannot suffer a loss, for he has the option of acquiring the goods in lieu of the stock.

Computerized merchandising system
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October 6, 1995
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June 9, 1998
Donald Spector
380 Mountain Rd., Union City, 07080
Michael Ebert
G06F 17/60
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