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A programmable logic controller with personal computerized ladder diagram having a keyboard, a monitor, a magnetic disk unit, a printer, the output and input terminals, an interface card of temporary storage data display, a magnetic disk control card, an input/output communication interface, a printer driving interface, an input/output process control card of a latch register, a CPU, a RAM-1, a RAM-2, a ROM, a ladder diagram editing module, a ladder program translation module, an instruction algorithm control module and a hardware setting integrated module. The processes include reading an executing instruction, setting an address for a control card, initiating an output/input model, storing control parameters, operating a ladder control operation with an editor, pre-storing data of the ladder control operation, proceeding a ladder control design, storing a ladder diagram program in the RAM-2 through an element editing program, storing the ladder diagram program, and printing the ladder diagram program are established.

Programmable controller with personal computerized ladder diagram
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
January 2, 1996
Publication Date
June 9, 1998
Po Chou Chuo
No. 389, Chung Cheng Road, Tien Chung Chen, Chang Hua Hsien
Beveridge DeGrandi Weilacher & Young
G05B 11/01
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