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A mist-refining humidification system for humidifying a controlled environment which incorporates a mist generation means totally immersed within a flowing air stream and a multi-direction, mist migration path to deliver a very fine mist to a humidity controlled environment. In accordance with the most preferred embodiments, the mist-refininig humidification system comprises a mist nozzle assembly positioned within the controlled environment and totally immersed within a laterally flowing air stream to deliver a mist into a mist-refininig assembly. The mist-refining assembly, also located within the controlled environment, defines a mist migration path that includes changing path directions to aid in removing and breaking up larger droplets found in the mist. The mist-refining humidification system further comprises an integral drain assembly located distant from and below the mist nozzle assembly to improve mist yield and to effect drainage of removed water droplets in a direction opposite to the initial direction of the mist migration path. In a first preferred embodiment, the mist-refining assembly further includes components capable of being reoriented relative to one another to enable adaption of the humidification system to meet a variety of physical constraints encountered in different installations. In a second preferred embodiment, the humidification system additionally includes a fan to improve air flow through the mist-refining assembly.

Mist-refining humidification system having a multi-direction, mist migration path
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March 1, 1995
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June 9, 1998
Roland J Bilodeau
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