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The present invention is related to a network based gaming system that enables a plurality of players to place wagers on a real-time game of chance being conducted in a casino via a distributed network system or, alternatively, to place wagers on a game of chance using internally generated game sequences.

In the preferred embodiment of the system, a gaming machine provides a menu of a plurality of live-action board games of chance, such as roulette, craps or baccarat, from which a player selects a desired game. Once the game is selected, the player is presented a video representation of the possible bets on the gaming machine and a means for establishing a stake by either depositing currency or by accessing various credit accounts such as a credit card or casino credit line. After the player's bets are placed and recorded in memory resident in the gaming machine, the video representation displayed on the gaming machine is adapted to include a broadcast quality feed comprising, both audio and video signals from the selected gaming table in the casino. The transmission network and the gaming machines are coupled to a network manager which is responsible for maintaining network integrity and for providing memory capacity of the recording of bets placed by gaming machines locate outside the controlled environment of the casino. The result of the next-to-occur play of the selected game of chance is detected and transmitted to the remote gaming machines over the transmission network. The results are compared with the bets placed by the player at each of the gaming machines to determine if the player wins or loses the bets. The won/loss determination is also transmitted to the remote gaming machines by the network manager. If the bets placed by the player are determined to be winners, the appropriate winnings are calculated and returning to the player either in currency or credited to the appropriate account maintained at the network manager. If the bets placed by the player are not winning bets, deposited currency is retained by the gaming machine or, if the bets are placed using a credit account, the appropriate deductions are made from the account.

Interactive real-time network gaming system
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December 5, 1995
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June 9, 1998
Vinh Thanh Vuong
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