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An energy management and home automation system includes one or more controllers in each facility being managed and one or more energy consuming devices attached to each controller. Each controller responds to digital paging signals from a central command center which establish a schedule of event effecting the operation of each device and the controller schedules each device to be operated pursuant to the programmed schedule. The user of the system, by appropriate communication with the command center, may cause a paging message to be provided at any time changing the pre-programmed schedule. The heating/cooling system is controlled by set-point temperatures. for each of a plurality of different modes of occupancy, whereby the most energy is consumed when the facility is occupied and lesser amounts of energy are consumed when the facility is empty. Intermediate amounts of energy are consumed when the facility is not fully operational because people are asleep or maintenance or cleaning is being done. Prior to a mode change which demands more energy, the controller calculates the time required to bring the facility to the set-points for the new mode and operates the heating/cooling unit at the calculated time prior to the scheduled mode change. The calculation is based upon the time required for the heating/cooling being controlled to change the temperature in the facility being managed. The energy consumption of the facility may also be reduced by paging messages from the utility company as a part of an emergency load reduction program.

Energy management and home automation system
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April 17, 1996
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June 2, 1998
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