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A lifting device for the controlled vertical movement of objects, especially such objects, to which is conveyed an electric current through a line, such as chandeliers, is described. It is especially characterized by the combination of a relatively longitudinal support, provided with a longitudinal guide. A threaded, preferably trapezoidally-threaded driving shaft journaled in the ends of support which shaft is driven by a motor via worm gear unit. A carriage guided by the longitudinal guide which carriage is movable in the longitudinal direction of support with a nut fastened to carriage, cooperating with the driving shaft. A shaft provided perpendicularly in support carrying a first ring gear and chain relatively heavy and stable to turning, running over first ring gear, chain being driven by carriage to change its position in relationship to support as the position of carriage is changed in relationship to support by driving shaft, chain carrying in a first end the object.

Lifting device for the controlled vertical transfer of objects
Application Number
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May 5, 1997
Publication Date
June 2, 1998
Per Olof Arnesson
Bjorkhaga-Korsarp, S-563 91 Granna
Robert Platt Bell & Associates P C
B66F 3/18
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