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A method of operating a computer system including a client computer with a user input mechanism and a display for displaying a user interface including user interface elements, an application server including an operating system and a user application configured to run under the operating system and a network interconnecting the client and the server. The method includes the steps of providing a user interface management program configured to run on the client and receive user events, accessing the application server over the network from the client, sending a request from the client to the server to run the application, running the application on the server to thereby generate user interface element definitions on the server and reporting user interface element definitions to the user interface management program over the network. The method also includes the steps of providing a set of user interface element rules accessible to the user interface management program, where the rules allow the user interface management program to filter user events and decide which can be initially handled on the client to update user interface elements on the client display and which will be forwarded to the server for initial processing and processing reported user interface element definitions in the user interface management program to display on the client user interface elements corresponding to the user interface element definitions.

Secure platform independent cross-platform remote execution computer system and method
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July 23, 1996
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May 26, 1998
Yaroslav Faybishenko
535 Pierce St., Apartment 344, Albany, 94705
Kolisch Hartwell Dickinson McCormack & Heuser
H04L 9/00
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