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A prosthesis for a cervical intervertebral disk for fastening two contiguous vertebrae, including two components, one of which is for attachment to a first contiguous vertebrae and a second is for attachment to a second of the two contiguous vertebrae, the one component comprises a hollow box frame and includes a first end having first attachment for attaching the first end to one vertebra for holding the first attachment thereto and a connection at a second end for receiving a connector coupled with the second component, the second component comprises a first end part for attachment to the other vertebra to the second vertebra for holding the second component thereto, and a second end part having the connector connected with the first end part to permit movement between the connector and the connection.

Prosthesis of the cervical intervertebralis disk
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
June 6, 1996
Publication Date
May 26, 1998
Emilio Pierotto
Via M. Melette, 36016 Thiene
Ivo Ibo
Via Aganoor .26, 35123 Padua
McAulay Fisher Nissen Goldberg & Kiel
A61F 2/44
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