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An integrated circuit chip set design for a wireless hearing aid communication system including a battery operated transceiver unit worn in the vicinity of the ear of the user and a compact battery operated transmitter/receiver unit worn by or in close range of the user. The basis of the integrated circuit chip set design is to optimize circuit size, speed, power, and manufacturability for a personal use wireless audio communication system using the reflective transmission technology. Power and speed consideration of the circuits are designed to accommodate wireless audio RF reflective transmissions for a close range to the user. The transceiver and the receiver of the system are designed to switch between certain transmission states in order to facilitate rapid switching between a first mode in which the transmitter is transmitting to the receiver and a second mode in which the transceiver is transmitting to the receiver. The circuits are also integrated using a GaAs process and are operated in the multi-GHz range so that the circuits dissipate relatively low power.

Integrated circuit design for a personal use wireless communication system utilizing reflection
Application Number
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Application Date
April 2, 1997
Publication Date
May 12, 1998
Jon C Taenzer
Los Altos
Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis
ReSound Corporation
H04R 25/00
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