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A method of detecting a motion in image information includes a step of determining differential processing data by way of full search block matching, a step of processing a differential, and a step of generating differential processing data. The step of processing a differential includes a step STg1 for electing a motion vector, a step STg2 for establishing an area according to the selected motion vector, and a step STg3 for effecting full search block matching using the established area. The step of generating differential processing data includes a step STh1 for searching for a reverse region with an obtained motion vector, a step STh2 for calculating addresses of all macroblocks in the reverse region, a step STh3 for registering the differential processing data, a step STh4 for deciding whether one image frame is finished or not, a step STh5 for deciding whether there is a scene change or not, and a step STh6 for deciding whether a processing sequence is finished or not. The above method is capable of detecting an accurate motion in a short period of time, thereby increasing the efficiency of encoding image information.

Method of and apparatus for detecting a motion of image information, method of and apparatus for encoding image information, image information transmitting system, image information recording system and recording medium
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July 2, 1996
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May 12, 1998
Kouichi Uchide
Kazunori Yasuda
Alvin Sinderbrand
William S Frommer
Sony Corporation
H04N 7/32
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