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A multimodal natural language interface interprets user requests combining natural language input from the user with information selected from a current application and sends the request in the proper form to an appropriate auxiliary application for processing. The multimodal natural language interface enables users to combine natural language (spoken, typed or handwritten) input selected by any standard means from an application the user is running (the current application) to perform a task in another application (the auxiliary application) without either leaving the current application, opening new windows, etc., or determining in advance of running the current application what actions are to be done in the auxiliary application. The multimodal natural language interface carries out the following functions: (1) parsing of the combined multimodal input; (2) semantic interpretation (i.e., determination of the request implicit in the pars); (3) dialog providing feedback to the user indicating the systems understanding of the input and interacting with the user to clarify the request (e.g., missing information and ambiguities); (4) determination of which application should process the request and application program interface (API) code generation; and (5) presentation of a response as may be applicable. Functions (1) to (3) are carried out by the natural language processor, function (4) is carried out by the application manager, and function (5) is carried out by the response generator.

Multimodal natural language interface for cross-application tasks
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December 13, 1994
Publication Date
May 5, 1998
David Edward Johnson
Whitham Curtis Whitham & McGinn
Stephen J Kaufman
International Business Machines Corporation
G06F 9/45
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