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An electronic wallet is disclosed which provides multiple data media interfaces. Standard interfaces will include a smart card reader/writer, a magnetic reader/writer, a radio frequency transceiver and a user interface. A generic card is insertable into an electronic wallet to provide magnetic or smart card data carrier means. The generic card assumes the identity of any stored digital card and is submitted to a card acceptor in that guise. A generic attachment card is also insertable into an electronic wallet to provide further media interfaces via various card attachments. In another embodiment, the electronic wallet and generic card are combined into a single wallet-card which also requires a wallet-card holder. Almost all the functions provided by a separate electronic wallet, generic card and generic attachment card are included in the electronic wallet-card and wallet-card holder. In operation, media independent digital cards will be stored within an electronic wallet and can receive or output data via any standard or optional media interface. A digital card will be selected and interfaced with a specified or default medium, with digital card content capable of being medium specific. Digital card and medium selection can be specified by either the wallet user or the digital card recipient.

Multimedia electronic wallet with generic card
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November 14, 1994
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May 5, 1998
Robert N Daggar
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