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An object tracking, communication, and management system for a laptop computer or similar device, wherein a beacon or transceiver in the computer implements file integrity or device recovery steps. The beacon protects data, or transmits files or data from computer storage back to the owner or authorized party, either automatically or in response to a request for data recovery, and may broadcast a signal for tracking and recovery of the computer after a theft. Preferably the system also operates in a normal mode to provide or acquire files or data, to or from a remote location, as either requested by the operator or by a third, calling or transmitting party, or automatically, for normal communications or data upkeep. When activated as a security device it implements strategic machine control including enabling, disabling, or modifying functions of the computer and communication of data. The system includes a beacon with preferably both a transmitter and a receiver, internal security logic, and external system elements for locating the beacon via either RF tracking or the communication of its position coordinates back to the owner via the transmitter. A combination of hardware and/or software within the beacon and the host system initiates and coordinates operation of the aforementioned communications or security features. Tamper detection logic implemented in software or hardware responds to tampering or removal of the beacon or other components by alerting via the transmitter and/or disabling functionality of the host. Preferably low level codes operate at the bios level to assure effective operation even when higher level software or plug-in components have been overridden or removed.

Device security system
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November 18, 1996
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May 5, 1998
Jeremy M Isikoff
5840 Cameron Run Terr., #1527, Alexandria, 22303
Lahive & Cockfield
G08B 13/14
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