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A method for manufacturing an organic EL display panel having a plurality of emitting portions surrounded by ramparts and arranged as a matrix. The method includes the steps of forming a plurality of first display electrodes corresponding to emitting portions on a substrate; forming, on the substrate around the first display electrodes, electrical insulation ramparts surrounding the first display electrodes respectively; putting a shadow mask onto top surfaces of the ramparts, the shadow mask having a plurality of openings each exposing the first display electrode in the rampart, and aligning the openings to the first display electrodes respectively; depositing organic electroluminescent media through the openings onto the first display electrodes in the ramparts respectively, thereby forming organic function layers each including at least one organic electroluminescent medium on the first display electrodes in the ramparts; and forming a second display electrode formed all over or in stripe on the ramparts and the organic function layers. In the method, the mask putting and aligning step and the media depositing step are repeated in such a manner of that the shadow mask is shifted to an adjacent portion, whereby the openings are aligned to adjacent other first display electrodes, thereby enabling a highly efficient manufacturing method.

Organic electroluminescent display panel with projecting ramparts and method for manufacturing the same
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February 16, 1996
Publication Date
April 21, 1998
Satoshi Miyaguchi
Kenichi Nagayama
Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak & Seas PLLC
Pioneer Electronic Corporation
H05B 33/02
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