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A method for performing surgical procedures using a multi-functional access port for deploying a wide array of instruments and manipulation devices, including a surgeon's hand or fingers. The method includes optional video-assisted techniques and one or more components to aid in those techniques. The multi-functional access port includes a sealing ring providing easy access to the body cavity and to prevent contamination of one or more incisions of the body wall. The sealing ring may also be used to effect a seal when and if desired expansion of the body cavity is to be maintained. The sealing ring acts to isolate the exterior surface and optionally the interior surface of the body wall. Another component designed to aid in the surgical techniques of the present invention is a modified surgical glove that extends up to at least the surgeon's wrist. The modified glove can be used in conjunction with the sealing ring so that wound protection and expansion of the body cavity can be maintained as the surgeon's hand is moved in and out of the incision. The modified glove may also include accessory regions that permit the surgeon to deploy equipment within the incision. The surgical technique of the present invention includes the integration of video observation of the body cavity with the operative tactile advantage of placing the surgeon's hand or fingers in direct physical contact with the internal body contents.

Method and devices for video-assisted surgical techniques
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November 26, 1996
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April 21, 1998
Cathel MacLeod
244 Foreside Rd., Cumberland, 04110
Thomas L Bohan
Chris A Caseiro
A61B 17/00
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