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A system for processing a radiograph such as an x-ray includes a scanner, a computer with monitor for displaying a digital copy of the radiograph and pet-forming a number of enhancements. The computer stores the digitized image in memory in such a way that it cannot be modified, stores temporarily a second copy of the image in random access memory for display, and stores the enhancements separately in a data file so that, each time the user wishes to see an enhanced image, the enhancements are applied to the displayed digital image as an overlay, rather than being stored as a copy of the enhanced image. Less space is required for storage when only the unenhanced image and the enhancements are stored than if the unenhanced and the enhanced images are stored. Furthermore, not only is the unenhanced image available for a variety of purposes (stored in such a way that it cannot be modified), but the enhancements that are made to produce the enhanced, displayed image are reproduced the same way each time.

Radiographic image enhancement comparison and storage requirement reduction system
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November 15, 1994
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April 14, 1998
Stephen R McNeill
1809 Woodvalley Ct., Columbia, 29212
Scott J Echerer
428 Lafayette Ave., Cayce, 29033
Michael A Mann PA
G06K 9/00
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