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A method and system for controlling a display. The system includes a processor programmed to control (and optionally also calibrate) a display in response to user selection of displayed virtual controls. Preferred embodiments of the system includes circuitry within the display device which operates under control of software in response to user-entered commands for adjustment of parameters of the display device. In preferred embodiments, the processor is programmed with software which stores multiple types of date (including display parameters measured during calibration and user-specified adjustment data indicative of differences between first and second sets of display control parameters) in separate data files; executes a locking operation which disables mechanical controls on the display device, periodically and automatically polls the status of the display, and automatically corrects any display parameter whose value differs from a desired value; displays two-dimensional controls with horizontal and vertical segments which a user can drag to vary display parameters such as brightness, contrast, and picture size or position; displays controls enabling a user conveniently to select either a maximum displayed intensity value of one primary color or a linear combination of two primary colors; and achieves excellent color matching between displayed and printed images by setting the display's white point to a proofing level (by directly controlling display circuitry) and prompting the user to perform color matching with the display at the selected proofing white point. The invention also includes the methods performed by the described system.

Method and apparatus for display calibration and control
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April 24, 1996
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April 14, 1998
John C Signa
Michael D McLaughlin
San Jose
Limbach & Limbach L
G01N 3/46
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