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An extendable shelf assembly is removably mounted on the slotted uprights of a display stand and comprises a shelf mounted on a shelf support, a shelf extender attached to said shelf and the shelf support and operable so that the shelf can be extended or retracted. A manually operable locking device permits the shelf to be extended or retracted and moved from one position to another when the locking device is released, the locking device retaining the shelf in its selected position when engaged. An angularly adjustable shelf support assembly which comprises a first mounting member with structure thereon for releasably attaching the member to a slotted upright and a second mounting member for attachment to the shelf to take the load thereof. The first and second mounting members have cooperating pegs and holes thereon so the angular orientation of the second member relative to the first member can be changed and further comprises securing apparatus to hold the first and second mounting members together in their selected angular orientation.

Adjustable shelf assembly for merchandising display stand
Application Number
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August 2, 1996
Publication Date
April 14, 1998
Nigel Ian Parker
Banner & Witcoff
A47B 9/00
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