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A computer program product and method of browsing the World Wide Web of the Internet using a client machine (e.g., a personal computer) supporting a graphical user interface and an Internet browser. The method locally stores, retrieves and outputs information objects to reduce the waiting time normally associated with the download of hypertext documents having high resolution graphics. In one embodiment, the method begins as a web page is being displayed on the graphical user interface, the web page having at least one link to a hypertext document preferably located at a remote server. In response to the user clicking on the link, the link is activated by the browser to thereby request downloading of the hypertext document from the remote server to the graphical user interface of the client. While the client waits for a reply and/or as the hypertext document is being downloaded, the browser displays a previously-cached information object.

World wide web browsing with content delivery over an idle connection and interstitial content display
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September 9, 1996
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April 7, 1998
David Hugh Judson
6823 Northport, Dallas, 75230
G06F 19/00
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