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A portable computer capable of operating on a flat surface or on an operator's palm and forearm, including a main body, a display on an upper side of the main body for displaying image or character data or both, a cover which covers the display and opens rotatably to a position where an upper side of the cover touches a bottom side of the main body, a riser formed when the cover is opened which raises the main body to a position so to form an angle relative to the flat surface, when supported on the flat surface, and for stabilizing the computer when held by the operator on the operator's palm and forearm. The cover opens and closes with the assistance of first and second hinge pins. An edge portion of the cover and a stand plate extend in generally opposite directions about the first hinge pin when the cover is closed, but are adjacent to one another when the cover is opened. The stand plate is positioned adjacent to the main body when the cover is closed, but is positioned in an opposite direction about the second hinge pin from a holder when the cover is opened.

Compact portable computer having a riser that forms when a cover is opened
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May 13, 1996
Publication Date
April 7, 1998
Yasutaka Koga
Makoto Kobayashi
Oblon Spivak McClelland Maier & Neustadt P C
Ricoh Company
B65D 25/24
E05D 3/06
H05K 5/03
G06F 1/16
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