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An image processing device displays an object having three-dimensional coordinates on a display as if the image of the object were viewed by a camera placed at a predetermined position and at a predetermined angle to a reference axis. The image processing device is composed of a game device body and the display. The game device body is composed of a control panel 1a, a data processor and a memory. The data processor is composed of a CPU which included an intersection determining unit and a shot hole calculating unit. The memory is composed of a ROM and a RAM. The intersection determining unit determines an intersection or an orbit of a virtual projectile with a virtual plane W for the object on the basis or polygon model data Dp and relative coordinate/angle data Dk on the virtual plane W from the ROM, and a trajectory data input from the control panel. The calculating unit calculates a display point on an image viewed by the camera to which the intersection is projected, and calculates the position of absolute coordinates on the virtual plane which the display point occupies.

Image processing devices and methods
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June 29, 1995
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March 31, 1998
Masayuki Sumi
Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner L
Kabushiki Kaisha Sega Enterprises
G06T 1/00
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