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A disposable inflatable tourniquet cuff which may include an inflatable bladder having inner and outer walls which, in order to reduce cost and complexity, may be of the same size and made from the same material. A stiffener may be located within the bladder's inflatable fluid space, to eliminate the need for any separate parts to properly locate or hold the stiffener. The walls may have exterior, velcro-type soft, fuzzy loops or filaments; and be secured together with welds having a width selected to prevent the longitudinal sides of the cuff from spontaneously rolling up. The soft, fuzzy inner wall may serve as the patient contacting part of the cuff, thereby eliminating the need for a separate soft, fuzzy inner cover to protect the patient; and may serve to engage the hook-type velcro surface on other parts of the cuff, to hold them in the desired position. The soft, fuzzy outer wall may serve to engage the hook-type velcro on certain other parts of the cuff; as well as to engage the hook-type velcro on both the anchored and free surfaces of the strap that is used to hold the cuff in place on the patient's limb. An anchoring and alignment patch or tab may be provided to assist in the anchoring and even winding of the cuff about the patient's limb. During use of the tourniquet cuff, the strap may also serve as a stiffener to limit the outward movement of the bladder's outer wall when the bladder is inflated, thereby eliminating the need for a separate stiffener element to serve this function.

Disposable inflatable tourniquet cuff
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August 21, 1996
Publication Date
March 31, 1998
Jerry L Spence
Gregory W Moravan
A61B 17/00
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