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An expandable temporary stent system (10) is provided for creating a temporary stent within a vessel of a human body and includes an over-the-wire balloon angioplasty catheter (20) having a central lumen (26) and a distal section having an inflatable balloon (23). The balloon angioplasty catheter (20) has a proximal section that remains outside the body. A stent assembly (30) is slidably mounted on the balloon angioplasty catheter (20) in a coaxial manner and has a proximal section as well as a distal section where a temporary stent (31) is located at the distal section. The distal end of the stent assembly (30) is fixed to the distal section of the balloon angioplasty catheter (20). The proximal end of the temporary stent (31) is fixed to a distal end of a pusher tube (32). The pusher tube (32) cooperates with the proximal section of the balloon angioplasty catheter (20) and allows the temporary stent (31) to be reversibly deployed in a radial outward manner responsive to inflation of the balloon and, retracted so that the temporary stent (31) reforms around the balloon (23) of the balloon angioplasty catheter (20) for providing blood flow through the vessel and removal of the system from the vessel of the human body.

Balloon expandable temporary radioisotope stent system
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May 9, 1995
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March 24, 1998
Tim A Fischell
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David R Fischell
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