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A grip for an apparatus having a shaft comprises an elongate hollow sleeve adapted to be slidably inserted on to the shaft and is shrinkable upon the application of heat at a preselected temperature range so that the sleeve contracts and surroundingly attaches to the shaft. A tubular member is adapted to be slidably inserted over the sleeve such that the sleeve and the tubular member together form an easily attachable grip. In a further aspect of the invention the sleeve and/or the tubular member are provided with an adhesive. The adhesive may take the form of a two part curable adhesive such as an epoxy. One of the parts is applied to the outer surface of the sleeve and the other part is applied to the interior surface to the tubular member such that the parts mix upon sliding of the grip sections upon one another. In another embodiment of the invention, the two part adhesive is applied to either the exterior of the sleeve or the interior of the tubular member. One of the parts is encapsulated within rupturable microcapsules such that when the respective grip sections slide over one another, the microcapsules rupture, resulting in mixing of the epoxy components and the formation of an integral grip upon curing of the epoxy.

Grip assembly and method
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October 21, 1996
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March 24, 1998
Peter J Rens
3505 Horton St., Apt 203, Raleigh, 27607
Rosenthal & Putterman
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