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An elevator car door restraint includes a position indicator mounted at the access points at each of the floors, a locking arm pivotally mounted between its ends on a first portion of the car for movement of the first end of the locking arm between an engaged and disengaged position, and for contact by the second end of the locking arm with one of the position indicators. A lock plate mounted on the second portion of the car which moves relative to the first portion of the car when the car door moves includes a contact face which is engageable with the first end of the locking arm when the first end is moved to the engaged position to mechanically restrain the elevator car door from opening. The locking arm is biased by a spring so that the first end of the arm is rotated into engagement position unless the first end is permitted from such rotation by contact of the second end with a position indicator. An integral hoistway interlock for center-parting the hoistway access doors is also provided. The hoistway interlock includes a rotating keeper mounted on one of the hoistway doors and a stationary keeper which is mounted on the other hoistway door. When the hoistway access doors are closed, the rotating keeper rotates into engagement with the stationary keeper, thereby locking the access doors. A kickpad mounted on one end of the rotating keeper includes a cam surface which rotates the rotating keeper out of engagement with the stationary keeper when the kickpad itself is rotated within the passageway between the engagement blades as the engagement blades move into coupling engagement with the kickpad during normal opening of the elevator doors.

Elevator door restraint device
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July 21, 1995
Publication Date
March 24, 1998
Hai T Nguyen
Deerfield Beach
Brooks & Kushman PC
B66B 13/06
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