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A system is provided wherein relatively low-end computers, such as portable, battery-powered computers ordinarily incapable of Internet browsing functions may be used to browse the Internet. The enhanced computing ability for such portables is provided by a unique arrangement having a Proxy-Server with adequate computing power for all World Wide Web (WWW) browsing and downloading functions, and further capable of transposing downloaded files to alternative, low-information-density form suitable for rapid processing and display by connected portable and other low-end computers. In some embodiments the data link from the connected low-end units is a TCP/IP pipe, supporting TCP/IP protocol, but not the many sophisticated extensions usually associated with TCP/IP. In embodiments wherein battery-powered units are used, connected to the Proxy-Server, battery life is exhibited far beyond what would be expected for a battery-powered computer with computing power for browsing the Internet directly.

System in which a Proxy-Server translates information received from the Internet into a form/format readily usable by low power portable computers
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April 10, 1996
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March 10, 1998
Dan Kikinis
20264 Ljepava Dr., Saratoga, 95070
Donald R Boys
G06F 5/01
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