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The invention is a method and system for listing and brokering a commodity and its financial derivatives. The method identifies a plurality of characteristics of a particular commodity, and then enters those characteristics into the database of a data processing system utilizing a real-time clock. An exchange market for the commodity is established based upon a pre-selected set of its characteristics; and, after a market price for the commodity has been set, a class (or classes) of financial derivatives is established together with a financial exchange market for those derivatives. The characteristics of the derivatives comprise: a common descriptive link between varied commodity types; a contract length that runs from the purchase date of the contract to the performance date for the commodity; and, a contract price. The system of the subject invention comprises a number of elements which include: data processing means; means for determining whether a match exists based upon a comparison of the commodity offered for sale and that requested for purchase or exchange; display means; means for selecting the matched entry for purchase and/or exchange; and means for determining and selecting a class of financial derivatives. The data processing means of the system, in turn, further comprises a system controller which is further comprised of: a data processing system; data entry means; memory means; and, communication means for communicating data between the system controller and a plurality of input and output points.

Method and system for listing, brokering, and exchanging carrier capacity
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December 15, 1995
Publication Date
March 3, 1998
Paul A Levitsky
William M Hunt
Robert E Meyer
David E Pitchenik
Melvin J Scolnick
Pitney Bowes
G06F 17/60
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