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An audio entertainment/navigation system with updated time readings is provided especially for a mobile user. The navigation system receives GPS position information signals which are processed to determine current position latitude and longitude coordinates and direction of travel. A destination database includes a plurality of categorized destinations and corresponding destination position coordinates pertaining to the destinations. The destination database is stored on an interfacable memory card. A time change database is also included which contains time-related information such as time zone boundaries and special time change rules such as daylight saving time. The time-related information may be loaded into the system from an interfacable memory card. A time of day as referenced to a reference time and the date are also computed from the GPS signals. The time and date are compared with the time-related information so as to determine a current updated time and date which is used to periodically update the clock and may be displayed on a display. Also, a user may obtain a current time and date reading for a remote destination by entering the destination name or coordinates into the system.

GPS based time determining system and method
Application Number
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September 26, 1995
Publication Date
March 3, 1998
Randall T Brunts
Jimmy L Funke
Delco Electronics Corporation
G06F 15/50
G08G 1/12
G04C 11/02
G04B 19/22
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