05724265 is referenced by 357 patents and cites 40 patents.

A device that measures the distance traveled, speed, and height jumped of a person while running or walking. Accelerometers and rotational sensors are placed in the sole of one shoe along with an electronic circuit that performs mathematical calculations to determine the distance and height of each step. A radio frequency transmitter sends the distance and height information to a wristwatch or other central receiving unit. A radio frequency receiver in the wristwatch or other unit is coupled to a microprocessor that calculates an output speed based upon step-distance and elapsed time, and the distance traveled of the runner from the sum of all previous step distances. The output of the microprocessor is coupled to a display that shows the distance traveled, speed, or height jumped of the runner or walker.

System and method for measuring movement of objects
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December 12, 1995
Publication Date
March 3, 1998
Lawrence J Hutchings
18729 Brickell Way, Castro Valley, 94546
Sofer & Haroun
G01C 22/00
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