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A method for mediating social and behavioral influence processes through an interactive telecommunications guidance system for use in medicine and business (10) that utilizes an expert (200) such as a physician, counselor, manager, supervisor, trainer, or peer in association with a computer (16) that produces and sends a series of motivational messages and/or questions to a client, patient or employee (50) for changing or reinforcing a specific behavioral problem and goal management. The system (10) consists of a client database (12) and a client program (14) that includes for each client unique motivational messages and/or questions based on a model such as the transtheoretical model of change comprising the six stages of behavioral change (100) and the 14 processes of change (114), as interwining, interacting variables in the modification of health, mental health, and work site behaviors of the client or employee (50). The client program (14) in association with the expert (200) utilizes the associated 14 processes of change (114) to move the client (50) through one of the six stages of behavioral change (100) when appropriate by using a plurality of transmission and receiving means. The database and program are operated by a computer (16) that at preselected time periods sends the messages and/or questions to the client (50) through use of a variety of transmission means and furthermore selects a platform of behavioral issues that is to be addressed based on a given behavioral stage or goal (100) at a given time of day.

Method for mediating social and behavioral processes in medicine and business through an interactive telecommunications guidance system
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September 30, 1994
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March 3, 1998
L William Bro
8939 S. Sepulveda #530, Los Angeles, 90045
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