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An apparatus and method for identifying one of a plurality of documents stored in a computer-readable medium is disclosed. The method includes the steps of automatically identifying for a user key word phrases in the plurality of documents, prompting the user to construct a query expression in which at least one of the keyword phrases is an operand, and identifying one of the plurality of documents based on the query expression. The identified document is presented to the user in the form of an abstract. Identification of the keyword phrases and generation of the abstract are accomplished by linguistically analyzing the plurality of documents. In addition, an improved user interface provides the capability to display either or both key words and key phrases on the display screen in separately scrollable display areas. These separately scrollable display areas are dynamically sized to render visible the selected text. A set of dynamically created tabs in a tabbed index provide a means to index into the content of each display area. The font of the selected and displayed text is dynamically set to maximize the display area. The plurality of documents from which key words or key phrases are taken may be pages from the World Wide Web. A concept editor allows key words or key phrases to be grouped under a concept identifier.

Browse by prompted keyword phrases with an improved user interface
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July 26, 1996
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February 24, 1998
Seymour I Rubinstein
337 Belvedere Ave., Belvedere, 94920
Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman
G06F 17/30
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