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A set of tools for use in seating a spinal rod in a rod receiving channel in a head of an open ended spinal surgery implant such as a bone screw, hook or transverse connector wherein each of the tools comprises an implant holder for grasping, holding or engaging an implant, and a pusher assembly including a pusher bar advanceable relative to the implant holder to drive, push or force a spinal rod into the rod receiving channel of an implant held by the implant holder. The implant holders are of various configurations to facilitate holding or grasping of different types of implants or to accommodate different situations relating to the location of the implant. The pusher assembly is adapted for interchangeable use with each of the various implant holders. The pusher assembly is threadingly secureable to each of the implant holders and includes a pusher bar having an elongate slot extending therethrough. The slot in the pusher bar and a channel or slot in the implant holder provides access to the head of the open ended implant in which the spinal rod is seated to permit the installation of a cap thereon.

Tools for use in seating spinal rods in open ended implants
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November 27, 1996
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February 24, 1998
Roger P Jackson
4706 W. 86th St., Prairie Village, 66207
Litman McMahon & Brown L L C
A61B 17/88
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