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A staple assembly 10 for use in a stapling tool (not shown) for fixing an elongate member such as a cable C onto a substrate such as a wooden beam. The staple assembly 10 comprises a staple 12 having a back 14 and legs 16 depending from opposite ends of the back 14. Also included is a saddle 18 for receiving the staple 12. The saddle comprises a body 20 and two posts 22 which depend from opposite ends of the body 20 in a parallel manner. The body 20 end posts 22 define a receptacle 24 for receiving the cable C. A groove 26 is formed along the outer surface of posts 22 and body 20 for seating the staple 18. A protuberance 28 is formed on the body 20 and extends into the receptacle 24 for engaging the cable C.

In one embodiment, the staple 12 is provided with barbs 36 on the inside of legs 16 for engaging an under surface 38 of the posts 22. This prevents the staple 12 from separating from the saddle 18 during transportation and use. Barbs 40 can also be provided on an opposite side of the leg 16 for gripping the substrate into which the staple 12 is to be driven.

Staple assembly
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April 17, 1995
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February 17, 1998
Sergio Cotellessa
North Perth
Larson & Taylor
Clipmaster Corporation
H01B 17/00
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