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A computerized system time aligns frames of spoken training data against models of the speech sounds; automatically selects different sets of phonetic context classifications which divide the speech sound models into speech sound groups aligned against acoustically similar frames; creates model components from the frames aligned against speech sound groups with related classifications; and uses these model components to build a separate model for each related speech sound group. A decision tree classifies speech sounds into such groups, and related speech sound groups descend from common tree nodes. New speech samples time aligned against a given speech sound group's model update models of related speech sound groups, decreasing the training data required to adapt the system. The phonetic context classifications can be based on knowledge of which contextual features are associated with acoustic similarity. The computerized system samples speech sounds using a first, larger, parameter set; automatically selects combinations of phonetic context classifications which divide the speech sounds into groups whose frames are acoustically similar, such as by use of a decision tree; selects a second, smaller, set of parameters based on that set's ability to separate the frames aligned with each speech sound group, such as by used of linear discriminant analysis; and then uses these new parameters to represent frames and speech sound models. Then, using the new parameters, a decision tree classifier can be used to re-classify the speech sounds and to calculate new acoustic models for the resulting groups of speech sounds.

Apparatuses and methods for developing and using models for speech recognition
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January 23, 1995
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February 3, 1998
Francesco Scattone
Laurence S Gillick
Edward W Porter
Dragon Systems
G10L 9/00
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