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In a light-emitting element drive circuit in an active matrix display device, at least one current-control transistor controls a current flowing through a light-emitting element. The current-control transistor and the light-emitting element are connected in parallel to each other. A constant current source is connected to a junction between one electrode of the light-emitting element and one electrode of the transistor through which the current 8s controlled to flow. The other electrodes of the light-emitting element and the transistor are connected to a common electrode which may be grounded via a resistor. In other configuration, it may be arranged that the light-emitting element and a capacitance are connected in parallel to each other. In this case, the current-control transistor is connected to a function between the light-emitting element and the capacitance so as to use charging and discharging operations of the capacitance for driving the light-emitting element.

Current-dependent light-emitting element drive circuit for use in active matrix display device
Application Number
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August 8, 1995
Publication Date
February 3, 1998
Naoyasu Ikeda
Whitham Curtis Whitham & McGinn
NEC Corporation
G09G 3/30
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