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An active reception antenna with a coplanar waveguide having a high actual gain in the frequency band as broad as 100% or larger of the central frequency. The reception active antenna with a coplanar waveguide has: a pair of coplanar waveguide functioning as a feeder, the coplanar waveguide including a center conductor and two ground conductors printed on one surface of a dielectric film; and an antenna element conductor connected to the coplanar waveguide, the antenna element conductor being printed on the surface of the dielectric film, wherein the feed points of the antenna element conductor are disposed near the ends of the feeder, an active circuit including a field effect transistor is mounted between the feed points and the ends of the feeder, the impedance of the antenna element conductor and the feeder is matched together, and a signal received by the antenna element conductor is amplified and supplied to the feeder.

Active reception antenna with coplanar feeder
Application Number
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September 21, 1995
Publication Date
February 3, 1998
Mitsuo Taguchi
Foley & Lardner
Nippon Mektron
H01Q 7/00
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