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A conformable wound dressing is prepared by producing a sub-confluent layer of cultured mammalian cells such as epithelial cells anchored to a surface of a synthetic polymeric film which is hydrophobic, non-inhibitory to cell growth and non-cytotoxic. The polymer may be ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer or a blend of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer and polystyrene, and is preferably subjected to corona discharge to improve cell attachment. The polymeric film may be sterilized with ethylene oxide or by gamma-irradiation. Preferably, the polymeric film is a continuous film containing apertures formed by perforation before or after cell culture to provide an apertured wound dressing. In a preferred embodiment, a laminate is formed containing a sub-confluent layer of mammalian cells anchored to a surface of a continuous film of synthetic polymer having a plurality of thin and thick portions cast on and supported by a carrier layer having a plurality of raised portions. When the carrier layer is separated from the polymer film, the thin portions rupture to form apertures in the film to result in an apertured wound dressing. The layer of mammalian cells is formed on the polymeric film by culturing the cells in contact with the film such as when the film forms one wall of a culture vessel. In a preferred embodiment, the cells are cultured in a vessel having the laminate as one wall.

Laminate of a culture substrate on a carrier for producing an apertured wound dressing
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May 8, 1995
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January 27, 1998
Stephen Michael Lang
Saffron Walden
Yvonne Margaret Barlow
Graham & James
Smith & Nephew
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C12N 11/08
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