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Our integral user configurable sniper rifle stock comprises a wide forearm and a relatively narrow carry portion extending rearwardly from the forearm. An action mounting portion extends rearwardly from the carry portion. An angled relatively vertical, stippled grip extends rearwardly and downwardly from the receiver portion. An open rear stock portion extends rearwardly from the grip. The carry portion is narrower and thinner than the forearm. The action mounting, grip and rear portions are generally as wide as the carry portion. The forearm comprises a forend having an angled base and a flat serrated base portion extending rearwardly from the forend. A "T" channel rail is disposed within the angled base to mount a bipod. The folded legs of a bipod lie along the barrel. The grip defines a weight receptive cavity. A trigger guard extends from the receiver portion to the grip. The rear stock portion comprises upper and lower braces with a butt extending vertically between rear extents of the braces. The upper brace receives a mounting screw for a displaceable, interchangeable cheekpiece disposed about the upper brace. The lower brace has a flat serrated base. A vertically displaceable butt plate/pad and spacers are mounted to the butt. The spacers are used to adjust the length of pull of the rifle. Through-stock swivel studs are disposed through the butt and forearm. Recesses are defined in the sides of the stock about the studs.

User configurable sniper rifle stock
Application Number
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October 29, 1996
Publication Date
January 27, 1998
Garth L Choate
Bald Knob
John L Plaster
Iron River
Jerry L Mahurin
Choate Machine & Tool Co
F41C 23/00
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