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A game table system, adapted for multiple sites under a central control, for providing a progressive jackpot in a live card game played at each gaming table between a dealer and a player. Each gaming table has an ante bet region, a dealer card region, and a player card region. The game table system of the present invention includes a sensor located at each bet region for detecting the value of the ante placed by the player at that location, a reader identifying each card dealt during the play of the game to the player and to the dealer, a computer connected to the sensor and the reader and the progressive jackpot for adding a predetermined percentage of the value of the ante to the progressive jackpot when a predetermined game event (such as the dealer going bust during the game of blackjack) occurs while preserving the value of the ante during the conventional play of the game. The computer, under the teachings of the present invention, awards the progressive jackpot to the player with a winning sequence of cards during the play of the game. The play, however, continues with the other players.

Jackpot system for live card games based upon game play wagering and method therefore
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February 15, 1996
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January 13, 1998
Charles H McCrea Jr
2816 La-Casita, Las Vegas, 89120
Dorr Carson Sloan & Birney P C
A63F 1/00
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