05702450 is referenced by 463 patents and cites 9 patents.

An intervertebral disk prosthesis designed to replace at least partially an intervertebral disk which is composed of a left half-disk, and a right half-disk, each of the half-disks covering a half-disk surface. The prosthesis is at least one prosthetic member each of which having a rigid upper plate, a rigid lower plate, and an elastic cushion placed between the upper plate and the lower plate. The elastic cushion has an upper face attached to the upper plate and a lower face attached to the lower plate. Each prosthetic member covers no more than the half-disk surface so as to replace either or both of the left half-disk and the right half-disk.

Intervertebral disk prosthesis
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February 14, 1996
Publication Date
December 30, 1997
Michel Bisserie
54, rue du Faubourg Montmartre, Paris
Young & Thompson
A61F 2/44
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