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An image display apparatus which enables observation of a clear image at a wide field angle with substantially no reduction in the brightness of the observation image, and which is extremely small in size and light in weight and hence unlikely to cause the observer to be fatigued. The image display apparatus includes an image display device and an ocular optical system for projecting an image formed by the image display device and for leading the projected image to an observer's eyeball. The ocular optical system (3) has three surfaces, and a space formed by the three surfaces is filled with a medium having a refractive index larger than 1. The three surfaces include, in the order in which light rays pass in backward ray tracing from the observer's eyeball (1) to the image display device (4), a first surface (5) which functions as both a refracting surface and an internally reflecting surface, a second surface (6) which is a reflecting surface facing the first surface (5) and decentered or tilted with respect to an observer's visual axis (2), and a third surface (7) which is a refracting surface closest to the image display device (4), so that reflection takes place three times in the path from the observer's eyeball (1) to the image display device (4).

Image display apparatus comprising an internally reflecting ocular optical system
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February 23, 1996
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December 16, 1997
Koichi Takahashi
Cushman Darby & Cushman IP Group of Pillsbury Madison & Sutro
Olympus Optical
G02B 27/14
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