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A process including providing a flexible substantially rectangular sheet having a first major exterior surface opposite and parallel to a second major exterior surface, removing or displacing material from the first major exterior surface adjacent and parallel to a first edge of the sheet to form a new first surface having an elongated, curvilinear "S" shaped profile when viewed in a direction parallel to the first edge, overlapping the new first surface and a second surface adjacent a second edge of the sheet whereby the first new surface contacts the second surface to form a mated surface region, the second surface being adjacent to or part of the second major exterior surface to form the sheet into a loop, the second edge being at an end of the sheet opposite from the first edge, and permanently joining the new first surface to the second surface into a seam to form a seamed belt of this invention. The resulting welded belt has a seam thickness of less than about 120 percent of the total thickness of the belt.

Process for fabricating a belt with a seam having a curvilinear S shaped profile
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September 10, 1996
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December 16, 1997
Robert C U Yu
Xerox Corporation
G03G 5/00
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