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This device relates to assistance in the piloting of an aircraft or helicopter in conditions of poor visibility, at the landing stage, during the final approach before touchdown. In case of poor visibility, the landing operations are facilitated by ILS radioelectrical installations that enable an automatic approach to the runway threshold. All that remains to be done is to perform a flare-out for touchdown which has to be done in a certain zone at the start of the runway. It happens, in the event of poor visibility, that this touchdown zone is difficult to assess. This causes risks of overshooting. The disclosed device is aimed at putting out an alarm in the event of overshooting of the nominal touchdown zone. It has means for the integration of the ground speed, means to detect the crossing of a lower value of a threshold of height with respect to the ground activating said integration means and means to detect a crossing of an upper value of a distance threshold acting on the signal delivered by the integration means and generating an alarm when there is no detection, by the load sensor, of an alighting of wheels.

Device for assistance in the piloting of an aircraft at the landing stage
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October 12, 1995
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December 9, 1997
Roger Parus
Alain Goujon
Martignas Sur Jalle
Philippe Coirier
Oblon Spivak McClelland Maier & Neustadt P C
Sextant Avionique
G05D 1/08
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