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A method for determining feature points comprises a step for (a) providing directional gradients and a gradient magnitude for each pixel in the video frame, (b) normalizing the directional gradients by dividing the directional gradients with the gradient magnitude, (c) generating a first edge map having the gradient magnitude for each pixel, (d) generating a second edge map having the normalized direction gradients for each pixel, (e) dividing the first edge map into a plurality of blocks of an identical size, (f) providing, for each of the pixels included in each of the blocks, normalized directional gradients for a set of a predetermined number of pixels from the second edge map, (g) obtaining a variance for each of the pixels included in each of the blocks based on the provided normalized directional gradients, (h) determining a feature point for each of the blocks based on the gradient magnitude and variance corresponding to each of the pixels therein.

Method and apparatus for determining feature points
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May 4, 1995
Publication Date
December 2, 1997
Min Sub Lee
Anderson Kill & Olick P C
Daewoo Electronics
G06K 9/46
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