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The herein described invention relates to an ear mounted, in-the-ear compound microphone system which simultaneously uses both an accelerometer, or vibration transducer, to sense bone conducted low speech frequencies and a microphone with controlled frequency response to sense airborne high speech frequencies within the ear canal. It combines the speech spectrum components picked up by the two transducers into a single composite audio signal with improved human speech frequency response characteristics. It simultaneously demonstrates significantly reduced sensitivity to surrounding background noise and provides measurable hearing protection for the user. Through adjustment and alteration of the supporting electronic circuitry, the operating characteristics and performance of the compound microphone can be changed. The in-the-ear microphone system can be used with a two-way speech system by installing a miniature earphone element within a common housing with the microphone.

Two active element in-the-ear microphone system
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February 24, 1995
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November 25, 1997
Frederick M Kruger
37 Somerset Dr., Comack, 11725-1636
Greer Burn & Crain
H04R 25/00
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