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A water purification unit including a water inlet having a filter adapted to remove undissolved contaminants from a raw water source. The water inlet is coupled to a water reservoir including a semi-permeable membrane adapted to remove dissolved contaminants from raw water source. The filter and the membrane function to produce permeate water having undissolved and dissolved contaminants removed therefrom. The unit further includes a pressure source positioned within the water reservoir, wherein the pressure source forces raw water through the semi-permeable membrane. In addition, the unit is provided with a purified water container in fluid communication with the water reservoir adapted to receive the permeate water, wherein the purified water container is coupled to an oxidizing agent source. The oxidizing agent from the oxidizing agent source contacts the permeate water to destroy any contaminants that still may remain in the water.

Miniaturized handheld desalination field unit
Application Number
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March 7, 1996
Publication Date
November 11, 1997
Jim Lung Wong
638 Bowcreek Dr., Diamond Bar, 91765
Walter Patapoff
1215 W. Camino Del Sur, San Dimas, 91773
B01D 24/00
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