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A device for storing plate-shaped articles (11, 12) such as glass plates or insulating glass panes has several roughly vertically aligned compartments (10) for holding articles (11, 12), these compartments (10) being bounded by lateral supports in the form of tensioned rod- or cord-like elements (9), which can for example be steel cables. To prevent direct contact between articles (11, 12) and these elements (9), separate cylindrical pipe sections (30) are placed over the elements (9), which can rotate relative to the elements (9). Pipe sections (30) can move relative to the elements (9) in their longitudinal direction and a gap in which there are no pipe sections (30) is provided between the uppermost pipe section (30) on each element (9) and a holder (6) for the upper ends of the elements (9). In this way, when articles (11, 12) move horizontally, pipe sections (30) can roll with them and can slide along with them in a vertical movement so that the articles (11, 12) are not damaged by these movements.

Device for storing glass plates or insulating glass panes
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September 20, 1995
Publication Date
November 11, 1997
Peter Lisec
Bahnhofstrasse 34, A-3363 Amstetten-Hausmening
Young & Thompson
A47F 7/00
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