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A remote video transmission system for digitizing and compressing an audio/visual signal, transmitting that signal over low band width lines, such as land telephone lines, cellular telephone lines, or radio frequencies, decompressing the digitized data and converting it to an audio/visual signal for broadcast. Components of this system include: A remote unit, a host unit, and a playback unit. The remote unit is capable of digitizing and compressing the audio/visual signal as well as transmitting the compressed, digitized data. Data may be divided and sent to multiple ports for output. Data may also be edited prior to transmission. The host unit is automated to receive data transmitted from the remote unit and reassemble the data if it has been divided. The playback unit stores and automatically catalogs transmitted data files. The player unit also decompresses the digitized data files and converts them to an audio/visual signal which may then be broadcast. The audio/visual signal can either be NTSC, PAL, or Y/C video.

Remote video transmission system
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July 21, 1995
Publication Date
November 4, 1997
Mitchael C Freeman
14318 E. 11th St., Tulsa, 74108
Frank J Catalano
Scott R Zingerman
H04L 5/00
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