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A light beam line projecting device having a combination of two or more lenses which magnify in only one dimension; i.e., cylindrical and plano-cylindrical lenses, which are arranged so that the lenses' physical proximity to one another can be manipulated in order to dictate the angle of light emitted from the lens system. The axes of curvature of the respective lenses are maintained in the same plane by a lens holder comprising a stationary lens holder which houses one of the lenses, a sliding lens holder which houses the other lens, and a rotating adjustment ring which provides both the outside housing for the system and the means of adjustment of the proximity of the lenses relative to each other. The sliding lens holder has projections that slide longitudinally in grooves in the stationary lens holder and projection that slide circumferentially in grooves in the rotating adjustment ring. An additional embodiment of the invention allows the lens combination and holder to be attached to a light source in such a manner as to be infinitely rotatable or locked into position. This allows projection of the line image at a particular angle of rotation. A further embodiment of the present invention provides for adjusting the focus of the light beam so as to alter the width of the projected line.

Variable-length line projecting optics
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May 3, 1996
Publication Date
November 4, 1997
William Craig Burke
Little Rock
Steven William Spears
Ray F Cox Jr
Emerging Technologies
G02B 7/02
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