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A prosthesis for the replacement of a spinal disk includes a first disk half and a second disk half. The first disk half includes a portion of a socket attached to a first plate. The second disk half includes a portion of a ball attached to a second plate. The socket includes a plurality of expansion slots which expand to allow the portion of a ball to be inserted into the socket and which then contract to retain the portion of a ball therein. A first hole is provided through the first plate, a second hole is provided through the socket, and a third hole is provided through the second plate which together form an opening through the disk. The opening is adapted to receive an insert to either medicate a pair of vertebrae or provide a barrier therein. The disk is fastened to the vertebrae by any preferred combination of pins, tabs, or a first annulus or second annulus, each of which extend from the disk. The tabs or the first annulus or the second annulus includes a hole therein that is adapted to receive a screw. A flexible substantially toroidal enclosure is attached to the perimeter of the first plate and to the perimeter of the second plate when desired to form a barrier between the disk and any proximal organic material.

Artificial intervertebral disk prosthesis
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March 18, 1996
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November 4, 1997
James Daryl Tate
2900 Eureka Way, Redding, 96001
Gary Lee Shinn
1543 Bleistein, Cody, 82414
Risto A Rinne Jr
A61F 2/44
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